Design Workshop

Art Direction: Paul Sheriff

Buscando Refugio (Seeking Refuge) is a collaboration between the Beasely School of Law, and Tyler School of Art and Architecture’s Graphic Design program held at Temple University. Our overall goal was to distribute pro se information to those awaiting asylum hearings, in order to better help their cases. This year, I had the privilege of taking part in this venture with my Senior Design Workshop class. For this specific situation, we focused on the northern triangle of countries of Central America: Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. 

As the leader of the web design team, I came to realize that there was a lot to consider when realizing the website for the project. Many lawyers and asylum seekers may not have access to printed versions of the pro se documents, and it might prove incredibly difficult to find on their own, yet many do have access to mobile phones. For this reason, we focused on creating a mobile website that was easily navigable and able to filter articles that pertained to the user’s specific circumstances. Our first task was to plan out the pages that needed to be featured and develop a flow that was simple and direct.

Finding the right visuals

There were three main components: Print, Website, and exhibition. Our main task as a class, first and foremost, was to develop a style tile that could be used as reference to all elements of the project. We settled on a color scheme primarily consisting of blue, to represent the blues used in the three countries. The balance between Brandon Grotesque and Bitters fonts allowed the text to allow somewhat of a charming and gentle way of reading without losing its professional quality. We were attracted to the friendly, but professional nature of simple line drawing and extra contour in coloring. We understand that seeking asylum is an incredibly stressful, dry, and formal process, so we felt as though the art style would allow us to create a welcoming and light-natured break from their situation. Lisa Sul, another member of our class and member of the exhibition team, refined the illustrations to best fit what we, and Beasely imagined.


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